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The Same Old Narrative on “Sex Offenders”

As somebody who has spent their career so far examining public responses to sexual crime and the people who commit them, I was encouraged by the title of Stacey Dooley’s most recent documentary – “Second Chance Sex Offenders”. I’ve previously conducted research on how presenting first-person narrative accounts of people with sexual interests in children… Read More »

“Post-Truth” (Book Review 2017)

As I waited for a flight ahead of my holiday this year, I browsed the books in an airport store to find something to keep me occupied. One title automatically grabbed my attention – “Post-Truth: How Bullshit Conquered the World”. The book promised to explore the cultural, economic, and (most importantly from my perspective) psychological… Read More »

“Suicide in Prisons” (Book Review 2017)

We are all intrigued by crime. Yet how we view prisoners from a human rights perspective, and the conditions in which they are housed, are both important questions that receive little measured popular attention. Towl and Crighton’s Suicide in Prisons is a timely book that draws attention to these issues in relation to one of… Read More »

“Is Love Racist?” (TV Review 2017)

Identity politics is all around us. News bulletins, social media feeds, and broader social discussions are filled with claims and counter-claims of racism, sexism, or some other emerging forms of bigotry. With this in mind, I was interested in Channel 4’s documentary “Is Love Racist? The Dating Game”. The documentary started innocuously enough, with a… Read More »